Graco has been selling spray equipment for over 90 years and they have a wide array of products. Their size and experience have allowed them to invest in R&D to create the best equipment on the market. But with so many products to choose from, how can you be sure that you’re purchasing the best one?

silicone spray equipment
A full Graco 933 spray rig, equipped with Monark pump

Our Spray Equipment Recommendations

Every type of paint, stain, roof coating, foam, or any other sprayed material is different. Equipment that works for one material may not work for others. That’s why we put together a silicone spray equipment guide that is specifically tailored to our material. If you’re spraying silicone roof coatings, especially ours, we recommend you use the following setup:

  • Sprayer: Graco GH 933 (gas powered)
  • Hose: High pressure, moisture resistant, 3/4″ hose (250′ – 900′) (plus 50′, 1/2″, whip hose at end of line)
  • Gun: Graco XHF
  • Tip Size: .029 – .043

If you stick to this spray equipment setup, clean and maintain your equipment regularly, and keep the material you are spraying at a proper temperature and consistency, you will see great results. If you stray from this setup, you may still have spraying success, but it will be harder to achieve and won’t produce nearly the same quality finished product.

silicone spray equipment
Spray out of buckets? This material hopper allows just that.

Want to Talk to an Expert?

Of course, we know equipment purchases can be a complicated matter. Even if you know what type of equipment you need to spray silicone, you may still wonder if you need a spray rig at all? Many of our contractors roll-apply their silicone roof coatings and don’t own a spray rig. If you’re unsure of the equipment you should purchase, or if you’re unsure of whether or not you need equipment at all, contact our in-house Graco expert for more info.