Enduris 3500

Protect and extend roof life with Enduris 3500 silicone, high-solids, primerless roof coating. For new construction and restoration projects alike, Enduris 3500 coating can perform in even the most demanding environments, on a wide variety of roofing substrates.

A single coat of Enduris 3500 coating cures quickly to form an exceptionally durable membrane that is breathable, waterproof, and permanently flexible. It is UV-stable and maintains its elasticity even after decades of exposure to weather and climate.


Enduris 3500 coating securely bonds to many roof substrates including single-ply, modified bitumen, BUR, SPF, metal, or parapet walls, and existing coatings.

Enduris coating is backed by world-class technical support and extended warranties of up to 20 years.

100% silicone
Solvent free formula
One-coat application
For single-ply, BUR, metal, SPF, bituminous, acrylics, urethanes, and most other roof substrates
Labor & material warranty available


High-build formulation

Hangs on peaks without sagging


  • Quickly attains weather-resistant properties
  • Unaffected by ponding water


Excellent durability

  • Best-in-class elongation
  • Proven, long-term resistance to extreme temperatures, UV rays, rain, snow, and atmospheric conditions


Quick and easy to apply

  • One-coat application
  • No mixing or primer required
  • Applies with spray, roller, or brush
  • Can be applied in temperatures ranging from 0°F to 120°F (-17°C to 49°C)
  • Granules can be added


VOC compliant

  • High solids, solvent-free formula
  • Ultra-low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content
  • Meets California’s relevant Air Quality Management District regulations



Manufacturer warrants this product meets manufacturer’s specifications if properly stored and applied. If not satisfied, return proof of purchase for refund. Manufacturer shall not be liable for damages in excess of the purchase price. This is the sole and exclusive remedy/liability for product defects/failure. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness. You may also have other rights that vary from state to state, so the above limitations/exclusions may not apply to you.

Labor and material warranties for up to 20 years may be available. Inspection of the completed project by a third-party engineering firm is required for warranty validation. See individual product labels for additional information.


Customers must evaluate the product and make their own determination as to fitness of use in their particular applications. See the applicable product data sheets for additional product information.

Available Colors

Currently available in the following colors to complement most buildings:

  • White – SKU – 3502
  • Tan  – SKU – 3504
  • Black – SKU – 3505
  • Light Grey – SKU – 3504LG
  • Medium Grey – SKU – 3504-05


 Custom colors are also available.

Available Packaging

Available Packaging

  • 5 gallon plastic pails
  • 50 gallon chimed steel drums
  • 250 gallon polymer totes